The Books


Our books address gear, accessories, and emergency preparedness. Did we mention the detailed descriptions of the roads themselves―the quality of the pavement, the camber of the curves, which ones are thrilling and which ones to avoid, even if they look good on paper?

While we’ve made sure they offer plenty of accurate, up-to-date, useful information, they’re not just cut-and-dried travel guides. We’ve spiced them up with anecdotes from our journeys, interesting observations, and extra tidbits you might not find elsewhere. We’ve got lots and lots of photos―in beautiful full color, giving you a real feel for what a place is like.

The books are targeted to a motorcycle-riding audience, though they would be helpful for others, too. They’re tailored for motorcycle touring enthusiasts who come from all over the country (and the world) to ride America’s best roads. The books will be especially helpful for those who have recently begun touring, are new to the region, or who have been touring for a while but are looking to expand their repertoire of routes. We write for all kinds of people on all kinds of bikes―anyone who loves to hit the road (and those who don’t have bikes but hope to or even just dream of touring – you can live vicariously through us!).

Motorcycle Touring in the Southwest: We cover the quintessential Southwest, including Utah, Southwestern Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and the Las Vegas area.

Motorcycle Touring in the Northwest: From southern British Columbia to southeastern Oregon, we cover everything from the Pacific coast to the Cascade Range to the open deserts to the east.

These are the first in a national series of motorcycle touring guides published by Globe Pequot Press, one of the country’s best-known travel-book publishers. Look for new titles coming soon!